Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Something about me

     Hey dolls, how y'all doing? Hope all is well and good?....thank God I don't have to say its been a while....Hehehehehe, cause thats been like my opening speech for such a long time now.

     Well since am a lil bit down and didnt go to work today....I felt I had ample time to blog. a fashion post, this post was inspired by going through Casie Davies's blog, and I asked myself....How does she do these things? Being a model, med student and blogger...I ask myself the same thing when I see some of my friends that juggle so many things and are perfect in everything they do...they give the same attention to everything they do, without one suffering...people who are musicians,designers, parents, authors, actors all at the same time!!!..or moms, who work full time, take good care of their kids,make sure their husbands are always on point and still have time to look do they really do these things?
     One thing I've come to realize about myself is that I cant juggle too many things at's just gotta give...are some people just made like that or we just dont wanna push ourselves? Not sure what the answer to that is....these people inspire me a lot and I hope i can push myself more to be things I dream of becoming.....thats something about me i wanna change....if you are like me....lets talk!

     If you wait for perfect conditions.,you'll never get anything done.


Sunday, October 5, 2014

Fashion designer?

    Hey loves, happy sunday to y'all. ....hope you've all been good? Just here chilling on a boring sunday afternoon.....why does sundays have to be so boring though?
     Well  I promised to upload pictures of some of the clothes I've's some of them...Dont mind some of the picture quality, its a real tug of war getting my mum to take I have to manage it however it comes out...but she try sha. 

   I must say when I first started learning how to sew I thought I'll never make anything cause it just seemed so difficult....I used to wonder what kind of brain I though I'm not so perfect now...just thankful that I can even make something.
Most of the fabrics I got, I wanted to make skirts with them, but somehow I always end up making a dress...a girl cannot have too many dresses right?
......Whatever you set your mind to do,you CAN do!
More pics coming up. ..

Sunday, September 21, 2014


       Hey guys, been a min.....yeah i know its been a a really long one and am so so sorry about that, just been so occupied and I guess I got too comfortable with other stuffs and neglected blogging..oopps! Typing this right now made me realize how much i miss blogging.....I missed you guys so much.

    Okay, wats been up with me....relocated to the eastern part of the country and am loving it.....well except the part where I meet a lot of weird .started sewing classes and they've been a life saver, dunno what I would have done if without it. Made some pretty decent stuffs, pixs coming up...

     Another big change I cut my hair, all of it, whew! Its been about two months or more, the hair just had to go, but growing it back ASAP, I miss my hair though, I keep staring at chics homo o, I hope I can grow it in a more healthy way this time around..any useful tips on healthy hair would be very welcome.

its big I know
The  biggest change......wanna hear it? Drumroll.................. I got engaged!

    Nah. ...joking, just me one very boring sunday afternoon, Iike veryyyyyy boring fooling around. Fell out, fell in love, not sure anymore, this love thing can be very confusing right?

   Thanks to everyone who checked on me, really appreciate it it guys, everyone who checked this page constantly even during my absence, Steve of Icelaw blog, you gave me the extra push I needed.
         I'm back here loves, so be sure to check my blog for more exciting fashion, health and beauty updates. before I forget, I finally joined   instagram....yeeh!!! so dont forget to follow



Thursday, June 12, 2014


   I need to get my rolls royce washed, not sure which designer gown to wear, ermmm....can't find the keys to my state of the art house...and now am late for work..did I tell u guys I own a boutique, a resturant, fabric store, and a cinema, .... Oops! Just woke up from my day's kinda what I do nowadays when am not packing for the big MOVE....

  Hey lovelies, its been quite a while, missed you guys a lot..hope y'all did too? Where do I even start from? So sorry guys, a lots been going on with family is relocating to the East, so I've been kinda preoccupied with that, looking forward to meeting new people, new experiences, adventures..I hope its fun on the other side though.

 Well asides that nothing crazy has been going on, out of school now and thinking of what to do with my life, sometimes you think you've got stuffs figured out, but its doesn't always work as planned, ...because I kinda had a plan of what to do when am done with school, but now, i aint sure...but for the moment am just taking each day as it comes and hoping to achieve all my goals.

Not been out in a while, but here are cool outfits (I think).... I wore when I was off...I hope to be more consistent when am settled.

thanks a lot to all my wonderful readers and to all those who checked on me while i was mia...and to my new readers, you are very welcome and be sure to stop again...xoxo

What have you guys been up too?

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Stripes and Smiles

  Hi everyone, how's the weekend looking up? Having fun?..well mine's going good, electricity during the weekends here is quite good, so there's a lot of things to do, without feeling bored.

  Well I went out to get some personal stuffs, kinda like a lil shopping spree and what better to wear when going shopping other than something comfy and casual, I would have worn this stripped beauty out, but its short so I opted for something more conservative.

  If I had won it out though, here's how I would have rocked it...minimal jewellery and comfy plimsolls. This outfit made feel really really, young cause I just wanted to pose in silly ways, smile a lot and just have fun in it, guess that's where the title came

if you don't wanna look too casual, a blazer definitely adds more style to it...

Thanks for Visiting my Blog

Your comments, opinions and criticisms are highly welcome..

Friday, May 16, 2014

Blazer- 3 ways (2)

  Hi everyone, so here's my third take on rocking a blazer in different ways. I did a post on this recently HERE  and I promised to upload the remaining pictures.

  Blazer paired with a short pink gown and not sure what how to describe the shoes though...laced block heel shoes....I guess. The shades...well..I guess were just to give me a more edgy

Would you rock it?

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Trendy Stuffs

  Hey guys, hope y'all doing great..had a pretty boring day as usual..but getting used to it now, with the inconsistent electricity, my boredom level just became much
What can a girl do? Blogggggg......yeehhh!!!!

  Here's some recent trend that's caught my eye and am totally feeling it.

Mini Rings

  Mini rings are hot right now and am so crazy about them, even though I haven't purchased any yet, but they are so on my 'to buy list'..its definitely a must have.

Plated Belts, Bags and shoes

 Another really cool trend I've been seeing for a while now is the plated trend...ranging from plated belts, shoes and bags plated items are more common especially with the belts...the plated belts are so cute and versatile and can be paired with almost everything.

Palzzo pants

 Not sure I'll ever get tired of this trend, I just love palazzo pants, they are very stylish and sophisticated when worn the right way, for me, they are such good cover-ups...especially when my booty gets all the attention every time. They can be paired with blouses, crop tops, blazers....

What's your favourite?

What trend are you loving at the moment?