Thursday, June 12, 2014


   I need to get my rolls royce washed, not sure which designer gown to wear, ermmm....can't find the keys to my state of the art house...and now am late for work..did I tell u guys I own a boutique, a resturant, fabric store, and a cinema, .... Oops! Just woke up from my day's kinda what I do nowadays when am not packing for the big MOVE....

  Hey lovelies, its been quite a while, missed you guys a lot..hope y'all did too? Where do I even start from? So sorry guys, a lots been going on with family is relocating to the East, so I've been kinda preoccupied with that, looking forward to meeting new people, new experiences, adventures..I hope its fun on the other side though.

 Well asides that nothing crazy has been going on, out of school now and thinking of what to do with my life, sometimes you think you've got stuffs figured out, but its doesn't always work as planned, ...because I kinda had a plan of what to do when am done with school, but now, i aint sure...but for the moment am just taking each day as it comes and hoping to achieve all my goals.

Not been out in a while, but here are cool outfits (I think).... I wore when I was off...I hope to be more consistent when am settled.

thanks a lot to all my wonderful readers and to all those who checked on me while i was mia...and to my new readers, you are very welcome and be sure to stop again...xoxo

What have you guys been up too?