Sunday, September 21, 2014


       Hey guys, been a min.....yeah i know its been a a really long one and am so so sorry about that, just been so occupied and I guess I got too comfortable with other stuffs and neglected blogging..oopps! Typing this right now made me realize how much i miss blogging.....I missed you guys so much.

    Okay, wats been up with me....relocated to the eastern part of the country and am loving it.....well except the part where I meet a lot of weird .started sewing classes and they've been a life saver, dunno what I would have done if without it. Made some pretty decent stuffs, pixs coming up...

     Another big change I cut my hair, all of it, whew! Its been about two months or more, the hair just had to go, but growing it back ASAP, I miss my hair though, I keep staring at chics homo o, I hope I can grow it in a more healthy way this time around..any useful tips on healthy hair would be very welcome.

its big I know
The  biggest change......wanna hear it? Drumroll.................. I got engaged!

    Nah. ...joking, just me one very boring sunday afternoon, Iike veryyyyyy boring fooling around. Fell out, fell in love, not sure anymore, this love thing can be very confusing right?

   Thanks to everyone who checked on me, really appreciate it it guys, everyone who checked this page constantly even during my absence, Steve of Icelaw blog, you gave me the extra push I needed.
         I'm back here loves, so be sure to check my blog for more exciting fashion, health and beauty updates. before I forget, I finally joined   instagram....yeeh!!! so dont forget to follow