Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Something about me

     Hey dolls, how y'all doing? Hope all is well and good?....thank God I don't have to say its been a while....Hehehehehe, cause thats been like my opening speech for such a long time now.

     Well since am a lil bit down and didnt go to work today....I felt I had ample time to blog. a fashion post, this post was inspired by going through Casie Davies's blog, and I asked myself....How does she do these things? Being a model, med student and blogger...I ask myself the same thing when I see some of my friends that juggle so many things and are perfect in everything they do...they give the same attention to everything they do, without one suffering...people who are musicians,designers, parents, authors, actors all at the same time!!!..or moms, who work full time, take good care of their kids,make sure their husbands are always on point and still have time to look do they really do these things?
     One thing I've come to realize about myself is that I cant juggle too many things at's just gotta give...are some people just made like that or we just dont wanna push ourselves? Not sure what the answer to that is....these people inspire me a lot and I hope i can push myself more to be things I dream of becoming.....thats something about me i wanna change....if you are like me....lets talk!

     If you wait for perfect conditions.,you'll never get anything done.



  1. Look at your face lol, well i think you just have to divide your time accordingly.