Monday, February 3, 2014

Life is more than.........

 Hi my wonderful readers,how's it going?i woke up and was trying to do some assignments online, when I came across a link that captured my interest, it was about people, who you would never believe existed, people with rare abnormalities, that makes you gasp and stop complaining about how an extra inch to your height, bigger boobs, or just a bigger butt, rounder face would make u a better person.

 Most times we look at ourselves in the mirror and we always seem to see our faults, imperfections, errors in our physical look that we think defines us, one funny thing is, the more you look for faults, the more you find them, so just be contented with how you look and stop fussing!!! You are beautifully and wonderfully created by God. Don't let the society's standards of beauty dictate how you are supposed to look Focus on developing what's inside, that alone takes you places.

   Your inner beauty should always be your best side, beauty will fade, that flat tummy will still get big, that big ass, big boobs will still sag, your sculpted face would still wrinkle, but a loving heart, a humble heart, a caring mind, a confident persona, will never pass away

Skinniest Person in the World
Lizzie Velasquez was born on March 13, 1989 with an extremely rare condition called Neonatal Progeroid Syndrome that has left her unable to gain any body fat. With a current weight of 58 pounds (26 kg), she never managed to cross the 60 pounds (27 kg) mark, making her the world’s skinniest person.

  When she was born she weighted mere 2 pounds 10 ounces (1.2 kg). In order to survive, she is required to eat every 15 minutes and consume an average of 5,000 to 8,000 calories on a daily basis, which can be as twice as the US average calories intake of 3770.

  But instead of letting this condition get to her, Lizzie decided to take a stand, and she is now a motivational speaker and a book author, with over 200 workshop appearances since the age of 17. The condition itself also causes premature aging, making it similar to progeria. People have called her names, ugly, beast, the likes, but she's never allowed any of this get to her, never mind what people say about you, Focus on being the best you can.

The world's shortest woman

  Watching Jyoti's video, I was really touched, she's so full of life and makes me wonder, how someone who isn't accepted by society's standard can be so vibrant, energrtic and so happy. Jyoti Amge, 18 years old and two feet tall.

Transgender performer born with Caudal Regression

 Piyah Martell — aka Honey B Diva — has become an Internet sensation with her YouTube cover videos of songs by artists like Lady Gaga and Mariah Carey.

The singer and performer, who born with a rare condition called Caudal Regression Syndrome which kept her spine and legs from fully developing in the womb, uses a computer given to her by her godmother to create and edit her own videos. She also shares videos documenting her everyday activities — like walking on her hands through a shopping mall — so that the world can see what living her life is like

Conjoined twins: Abigail and brittany Hensel

 The first amazing thing conjoined twins Abigail and Brittany Hensel did was to survive after doctors told their parents they wouldn't last more than a few hours after being born.

Now 22-years-old the twins have not only proved doctors wrong they have astonished them with their development into darling children, typical teenagers and, lately, beautiful young adults. They've even got their own reality show

 The Hensels are believed to be one of only a few sets of dicephalus twins in history to survive infancy

A contented person is always rich: in mind, body, soul and other aspects of life.

Be Contented and Happy always!!!


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