Monday, March 31, 2014

Tulle Skirt. Who Rocked it better?

 Hi everyone, how's it going? wishing you the best this week. Tulle skirts are pieces I shy away from, because I've always felt they'll make me look way younger, playful and really funny but when I came across this pictures, I had a total rethink! You can wear a tulle skirt and still look actually had to spell that out.

Toun'AJ of TounAj blog and Chastity Valentine of Garnerstyle rocked different tulle skirts.

Chastity Valentine

Toun 'Aj

Who rocked it better??

How would you wear yours?

Sunday, March 30, 2014


  Hi everyone (decided to change from the usual "hey guys") a concerned reader said I start that way and only talk about girl stuff! how y'all doing? Hope you had a blast this past weekend...mine was...*lips sealed.

   Baldness is health related yeah? I noticed 8 out of 10 guys I see nowadays is getting bald! ( I'm not exaggerating guys), I know some guys like to keep a shaven head and all but am talking about being bald in losing hair.... (I'm not against baldness)...we can't always control our bodies and the way It works but ignorance isn't alrite either.

   It wasn't this way years back, baldness was more common in men in their mid-30s and above, but now even 18 year olds and those in their early 20s are growing bald!! What could be the cause of this drastic increase in hair loss amongst the male folk?? Diet? Enviroment? Drugs?

   Baldness,(I don't wanna use too many medical terms) characterized by hair receding from the lateral sides of the forehead (known as a "receding hairline") and/or a thinning crown (balding to the area known as the ‘vertex’). Both become more pronounced until they eventually meet, leaving a horseshoe-shaped ring of hair around the back of the head. (Wikipedia) Its mostly be genetic or as a result from an bad diet, diet high in animal fats (often found in fast food) and vitamin A is also thought to have an effect on hair loss. or from certain fungal or bacterial infections, certain drugs etc.

  Balanced Diet rich in biotin, protein, zinc and iron. E.g vegetables, fruits, whole grain, cereals, have been shown to improve hair quality and quantity. The Norwood scale is usually used to determine the degree of if your on level 1,its classified as no baldness but at level 5, "Guy u'r on your own o".

Ladies..What's your take on baldness??

To the men out there, how do you feel about hair loss??

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Skirt Love

   Hey lovelies, i first came across this skirt on TounAj's blog and I was indifferent about it , but after seeing it a while later, I fell in love with it. I searched for it and bam! I found it online. Its a peplum hem pencil skirt from ASOS .

Stella of j'adore-fashion

kwanice @sincerely_kayj

TounAj of Toun'Aj blog

Would you rock and how would you wear yours?

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Style Crush- Chastity Valentine

    Hey guys, how's it going? So exams have been postponed and I know am supposed to use this extra week to study more, but I couldn't help but blog...yayyyyy!!!!

   If there's one blogger am crushing on right now its got to be Chastity Valentine of the Garnerstyle a plus size blog that deals with everything plus size fashion. She exudes confidence and always gets it right!. She isn't afraid to take fashion risks, she's versatile in her style, plays with prints, texture and colours...She sure is a fashion bombshell!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Matching Crop Top and Skirt. Must have or Make it stop?

    Hey guys, the crop top has being a hot trend for a while now, also the Midi skirt, imagine pairing both?...perfection! You can now get to wear your crop top with a matching skirt and look fabulous,a lot of celebs have been seen spotting this trend.

  If you don't like to show skin, then you can opt for this conservative look which I love, its a new design from Chanel.

must have or make it stop??

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Shirt on Palazzo Pants

  Hey guys! Been a min, how y'all doing? Once again I'm so sorry for my absence, like I said in my last post, exams are so close, so I haven't had time to blog for a while now. Just wanted to do this quick post.

  I wore this to school for a test..two tests to be precise, my friends thought I was weird for wearing heels for a test...but I thought what the heck? There's no crime in looking good anytime, no matter the event...right?I had to beg and beg my friends to take me pictures, because everyone was in 'test mode', but a last, my wonderful friend Collins still took me these pictures....*big smile* sorry for the picture quality guys, and the rough look, I didn't get much sleep the night before.

 Its a green shirt, with lace embellishment, navy blue palazzo pants, paired it with nude/gold-tip court shoes and my 'go to everywhere' nude

What do you guys think? Would you rock??

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Liebster award

  Hi guys, so sorry for my absence, been kinda occupied with stuffs and with exams coming up, I have to say I might not really be very consistent here...please bear with me guys.

  This time last year, I didn't even have an idea what a 'blog' meant, talk less of owning one, I wasn't active on social networks,I didn't have a twiter account, I only surfed the net for assignments and the likes but change is constant right? Well here I my expert and amateur tips on things I like...and too think I would be nominated for a liebster award....yeeh!!!!Thanks to Uzo of products that actually work who nominated me,

  This award is for new and upcoming bloggers with less than 200 blog followers, it is a great way to discover new blogs and get to know other bloggers, promoting and supporting upcoming blogs.

The rules are:

1.You must link the person's blog who nominated you for the award.
2.Answer the 11 questions given by the person who nominated you.
3.Pick an additional 11 people to nominate with UNDER 200 blog followers.
4.You cannot nominate the blogger who nominated you.
5.You must inform the nominees that have been nominated.

Her questions to me and my answers

1.  What do you enjoy most about Blogging?
Me- Asides from the fact that I get to talk about things I love: fashion, health, and the likes, its been a wonderful opportunity to meet new people, share ideas and grow as a person.

2.  What fashion or beauty product would you Spend your last dime On?

Me- cute dress

3.  How do you relax ?

Me- See a movie, read a book or just

4.  What do you consider as your best Body part?

Me- booty

5.  Which fashion icon would you like to raid their closet ?

Me- Victoria Beckham, even though am pretty sure most of her clothes won't be my size, but a chic is allowed to dream right?

6.  What's your most embarrassing moment ?

Me- That would have to be when I walked in on my ex and this chic having.....(U know ) was like a scene from a movie...lmao!

7.  Do You travel Light?

Me-Nope! I like to pack everything necessary,...could even take a pot along when

9.  Describe your style of fashion ?

Me-Simple, classy and sophisticated....I think

10. What is your daily make-up routine ?

Me- Am not usually big on heavy make-up , but Foundation,( very paramount), lipstick, lipgloss and eyeliner are my usual basics

11. If you were a man/guy ,who would you like to be ?
Me- Not sure who that I'll love to be as a guy,

I nominate
Style Expressions
Beautiful eagle blog
Uju Lilian ikegbune's blog
Fashionistaz by buiti
Twentie n flirtie
Fola's oasis
Ifeoma Nwawe
Yuddy Ella

My questions to the nominees are

1. Why did you start blogging?
2. Tell me one weird thing about you
3. Where do you see yourself in three years?
4. Do you believe in love at first sight?
5. what's your pet peeve?
6. What kinda movies do you like?
7. Would you choose beauty over brains?
8. Hobbies?
9. Who's your favourite blogger?
10. What's your favourite colour?
11. If you had the opportunity to save someone: your best friend or boyfriend who would it be?

  This is a really cool way to connect with other bloggers and put your blog on the map, please find time to do the post ....thanks for reading loves


Sunday, March 9, 2014

Get angry - get skinny: Outrage will help you slim down and lose weight

  Hey guys, okay, I know it sounds weird, new studies show that we lose our appetite when we are disgusted and angry, Feeling outrage might help us lose weight, this study says.

   In moral behavioural tests, when people became disgusted by immoral acts, their appetite waned.
  ‘Exposure to moral violations reduces [food] consumption, and highlights a psychological truth in the metaphorical observation that moral violations “leave a bad taste” in one’s mouth,’ says Cindy Chan, who led the research.

   All the participants were given a chocolate milk drink while watching. Those who believed they were viewing an incest film, drank around a third less – 110g compared to 147g.

Trend Court???

   Hi guys, how was the weekend? So sorry for my absence here, been down with cough and catarrh and you know how cough syrups make you sleepy and weak most times, well...slept a lot this past weekend. Lent is on and I couldn't be more happy. Believe it or not, its my favourite part of the year.....*big smile*

   I really didn't know what to title this post, searched for a suitable word, but couldn't find I just stuck with been in my draft for about a week now, I keep forgetting to save it, so I always have to start from scratch everytime.

  With fashion evolving everyday, its not hard to see why new trends keep coming and going. These trends have been here for a while now, I just wanted to give my thoughts on them.

Acid-Wash jeans

  Although, acid wash jeans were a staple wardrobe piece for rock stars, Punks, street style and the likes in the '80s, its back now and even better now, from acid wash pants to skirts, its a really cool trend.

Verdict- Gotta have! but don't go too crazy with it

Ombre hair

  Ombre hair usually refers to hair colour fading from dark to light or vice versa, instead of the hair colour starting from the roots, it actually becomes lighter or darker towards the end.

Verdict- Not too sure about this, I'm pretty sure its a trend that's not gonna be around for too long!

Midi Skirt

   Skirts that have their hemline below the knees, midi skirts always accentuate curves, that why it isn't hard to see why laddies are so in love with this trend, from office hour to happy hour, midi skirts are always at your service

Verdict- Must have!

Graphic tee

   Graphic tees surprisingly have become a wardrobe essential, dressed casual or formal, they always do no wrong, they also add a playful, youthful look to your ensemble.

Verdict- Must have!

Iro and Buba

 Iro(wrapper) and buba( blouse) used be worn a lot by older women, but nowadays its been embraced by the younger generation, from pairing it with blazers, to knot wrapper styles iro and buba just became way cooler, I even just had 1 made* dancing azonto*

Verdict- Must have! Must have! Must have!

  There are just a lot of trendy fashion pieces around, it would be quite a long post if I talked about every one of them. Its good to be trendy and fashion conscious but choose wisely and pick what trends suit you best.

Thanks to these fabulous bloggers ...Ella Mo's blog, Ethniques blog, Just Porsh, Toun 'Aj' blog and other sources,for pictures used in this post.....xoxo