Monday, February 3, 2014

Casual Blazer Look

 Hey loves, how's everyone doing? How was the weekend? mine was....drama filled, unfinished assignments, unhealthy eating but in all, I give thanks to God. Hoping to avoid all that this week, Franka...FOCUS!!!

 The weather has been a bit cold and I couldn't be more happier. I love cold weather, you get to look good in your outfit and make-up all day long without worrying about heat, and offcourse sweat. So I decided to make use of my blazers before it gets hot again, I'll probably rock multiple blazers this week. I was supposed to have a presentation in class today,I thought the blazer was a perfect mix of a cover-up for the cold and formal look for the presentation....but oops!!! My group couldn't do theirs today( we weren't even prepared sef)

 Very tired atm, just had to post this, its a simple look for school, work or church, you could just switch the pants for skirts and flats for heels.

Try to invest on blazers, they are classic, versatile and timeless.

feeling like a model

What's your favourite weather???

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