Thursday, February 13, 2014

Short Gown and Maxi Skirt

 Hey everyone, Happy Valentine's day to you my wonderful readers,.. May love always find a place in your hearts. Having fun already (I think)... been up since, still up, helping my friend bake cakes for vals ...Whew!!! baking could be hard at times.

  Now to my post...One of the things I resolved not to do anymore was to stop wearing short clothes, and this pretty black gown was one of them. Its quite short, I wore it for an event a while back and looking at the pictures from that event, I wonder how I pulled wearing such a short gown...well that's all in the past.

  I wore this to church last sunday, paired the black gown with an orange maxi skirt and I think it came out alright..

What do you guys think??


  1. You look absolutely beautiful , love your blouse , love your skirt and i love your smile .

  2. The details on the dress/top is gorg!
    Lovely look.

  3. I love your blog

  4. Pairing it with that maxi works big time. Love the details on the upper part of the dress.