Saturday, March 15, 2014

Liebster award

  Hi guys, so sorry for my absence, been kinda occupied with stuffs and with exams coming up, I have to say I might not really be very consistent here...please bear with me guys.

  This time last year, I didn't even have an idea what a 'blog' meant, talk less of owning one, I wasn't active on social networks,I didn't have a twiter account, I only surfed the net for assignments and the likes but change is constant right? Well here I my expert and amateur tips on things I like...and too think I would be nominated for a liebster award....yeeh!!!!Thanks to Uzo of products that actually work who nominated me,

  This award is for new and upcoming bloggers with less than 200 blog followers, it is a great way to discover new blogs and get to know other bloggers, promoting and supporting upcoming blogs.

The rules are:

1.You must link the person's blog who nominated you for the award.
2.Answer the 11 questions given by the person who nominated you.
3.Pick an additional 11 people to nominate with UNDER 200 blog followers.
4.You cannot nominate the blogger who nominated you.
5.You must inform the nominees that have been nominated.

Her questions to me and my answers

1.  What do you enjoy most about Blogging?
Me- Asides from the fact that I get to talk about things I love: fashion, health, and the likes, its been a wonderful opportunity to meet new people, share ideas and grow as a person.

2.  What fashion or beauty product would you Spend your last dime On?

Me- cute dress

3.  How do you relax ?

Me- See a movie, read a book or just

4.  What do you consider as your best Body part?

Me- booty

5.  Which fashion icon would you like to raid their closet ?

Me- Victoria Beckham, even though am pretty sure most of her clothes won't be my size, but a chic is allowed to dream right?

6.  What's your most embarrassing moment ?

Me- That would have to be when I walked in on my ex and this chic having.....(U know ) was like a scene from a movie...lmao!

7.  Do You travel Light?

Me-Nope! I like to pack everything necessary,...could even take a pot along when

9.  Describe your style of fashion ?

Me-Simple, classy and sophisticated....I think

10. What is your daily make-up routine ?

Me- Am not usually big on heavy make-up , but Foundation,( very paramount), lipstick, lipgloss and eyeliner are my usual basics

11. If you were a man/guy ,who would you like to be ?
Me- Not sure who that I'll love to be as a guy,

I nominate
Style Expressions
Beautiful eagle blog
Uju Lilian ikegbune's blog
Fashionistaz by buiti
Twentie n flirtie
Fola's oasis
Ifeoma Nwawe
Yuddy Ella

My questions to the nominees are

1. Why did you start blogging?
2. Tell me one weird thing about you
3. Where do you see yourself in three years?
4. Do you believe in love at first sight?
5. what's your pet peeve?
6. What kinda movies do you like?
7. Would you choose beauty over brains?
8. Hobbies?
9. Who's your favourite blogger?
10. What's your favourite colour?
11. If you had the opportunity to save someone: your best friend or boyfriend who would it be?

  This is a really cool way to connect with other bloggers and put your blog on the map, please find time to do the post ....thanks for reading loves



  1. You are usually expected to say random facts about yourself and I was looking forward to reading that part.
    Oh well.
    Lol @ packing a pot to travel. You could be my mom's twin.

    1. As in am crazy like that when it comes to packing, oh...dint know that o..I'm pretty much very weird......okay I like serial killer stuff: novels, movies, documentaries....hope I'm not scaring you guys o

  2. Aww thanks for nominating me. Lols at packing pot. I don't travel light at all either, needle, thread, paracetamol, clothes I know I will never wear, etc.

    1. Lmao, atleast now I know am not weird

  3. Thanks so much for the nomination....

    1. You welcome Buiti, been looking forward to seeing your updates, but none seen one in a while. Do u have a different blog now or?

  4. wish you luck dear and thanks for nominating me

    1. Thanks a lot Uju and you are most welcome

  5. great post! :)
    you've got a lovely blog!
    would you love to follow each other? we could follow via GFC or via email and also on another socials like twitter instagram or lookbook

    just let me know on my blog :)


    smiles' avenue

    1. Thanks Cecilia, checking It right away

  6. You got a lovely blog. I love it.
    Do u mind following on gfc .

    Check out my new post

  7. I'm so glad you got to do the post despite your busy schedule. I hope i get an invitation to raid Victoria Beckham's Closet with you day. Congratulations on your nomination ,Great post dear,and good luck too.

    1. You sure will dear, thanks again for the norm..*kisses*