Sunday, March 9, 2014

Trend Court???

   Hi guys, how was the weekend? So sorry for my absence here, been down with cough and catarrh and you know how cough syrups make you sleepy and weak most times, well...slept a lot this past weekend. Lent is on and I couldn't be more happy. Believe it or not, its my favourite part of the year.....*big smile*

   I really didn't know what to title this post, searched for a suitable word, but couldn't find I just stuck with been in my draft for about a week now, I keep forgetting to save it, so I always have to start from scratch everytime.

  With fashion evolving everyday, its not hard to see why new trends keep coming and going. These trends have been here for a while now, I just wanted to give my thoughts on them.

Acid-Wash jeans

  Although, acid wash jeans were a staple wardrobe piece for rock stars, Punks, street style and the likes in the '80s, its back now and even better now, from acid wash pants to skirts, its a really cool trend.

Verdict- Gotta have! but don't go too crazy with it

Ombre hair

  Ombre hair usually refers to hair colour fading from dark to light or vice versa, instead of the hair colour starting from the roots, it actually becomes lighter or darker towards the end.

Verdict- Not too sure about this, I'm pretty sure its a trend that's not gonna be around for too long!

Midi Skirt

   Skirts that have their hemline below the knees, midi skirts always accentuate curves, that why it isn't hard to see why laddies are so in love with this trend, from office hour to happy hour, midi skirts are always at your service

Verdict- Must have!

Graphic tee

   Graphic tees surprisingly have become a wardrobe essential, dressed casual or formal, they always do no wrong, they also add a playful, youthful look to your ensemble.

Verdict- Must have!

Iro and Buba

 Iro(wrapper) and buba( blouse) used be worn a lot by older women, but nowadays its been embraced by the younger generation, from pairing it with blazers, to knot wrapper styles iro and buba just became way cooler, I even just had 1 made* dancing azonto*

Verdict- Must have! Must have! Must have!

  There are just a lot of trendy fashion pieces around, it would be quite a long post if I talked about every one of them. Its good to be trendy and fashion conscious but choose wisely and pick what trends suit you best.

Thanks to these fabulous bloggers ...Ella Mo's blog, Ethniques blog, Just Porsh, Toun 'Aj' blog and other sources,for pictures used in this post.....xoxo



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  3. yeah franka, i see you, really trending stuffs, i have got all except d hair, i would try it out . Thanks for the referral and the nomination of

    1. You welcome dear..please find time to do the post