Sunday, October 5, 2014

Fashion designer?

    Hey loves, happy sunday to y'all. ....hope you've all been good? Just here chilling on a boring sunday afternoon.....why does sundays have to be so boring though?
     Well  I promised to upload pictures of some of the clothes I've's some of them...Dont mind some of the picture quality, its a real tug of war getting my mum to take I have to manage it however it comes out...but she try sha. 

   I must say when I first started learning how to sew I thought I'll never make anything cause it just seemed so difficult....I used to wonder what kind of brain I though I'm not so perfect now...just thankful that I can even make something.
Most of the fabrics I got, I wanted to make skirts with them, but somehow I always end up making a dress...a girl cannot have too many dresses right?
......Whatever you set your mind to do,you CAN do!
More pics coming up. ..


  1. They are all nice. Welcome back

  2. Beautiful Pieces-- I love the black lace dress .Its classy and spot on. Been off the grid,

  3. Gorgeous pieces!
    I've had a sewing machine for over 2yrs but still don't knw how to sew. Can't wait tolearn tho.