Wednesday, December 25, 2013


  Hey loves, Merry christmas to y'all...hope you all had a wonderful day? I really dunno what to title this post though, Maybe cos am so There's something about xmas that makes you really happy and very cheerful..I almost got carried away with the festivities and forgot why we actually celebrate xmas..Forgive me Lord...hehehehehe

  So I went for a friend's birthday...imagine that! being born on xmas!!! And since its xmas day I did not want to go there looking like I wore new clothes..and all dressed for xmas..well I decided to go simple..I found this lovely floral top and paired it with leggins, and since the floral top had various colours, I decided to keep my accessories neutral..I had so much fun at the birthday.. What do u guys think?

Note: when wearing something with various colours or bold patterns, try to keep the rest of your outfit neutral such as your accessories.


  1. Nyc out fit babe!!! Always on point.

  2. Is it jst me?or most ladies don wear wristwatches ds days..

  3. I really don't like wristwatches....not worn one in about five years