Friday, December 27, 2013

Simplified (2)

  Hi everyone, how are you guys today? Still enjoying the festive period right? Hope you all had a good day?..well mine was pretty slow and lazy...and the light didn't help matters at all. This post is like a follow-up of my last post, which was about making simple outfits look fab..

  So I wore this outfit to do some shopping, I wanted some stuffs for school....yeeh!!!!!at last I'm going back to school after five months..wheew!!!!!its just a simple black tank top gown..but I didn't wanna look too simple, so I added the denim shirt, that can also pass for a jacket,sandals and the nude bag completed the outfit. I love nude accessories so much like bags, sandals, flats ...the shades was just for...well twz sunny and I thought I kinda looked hot in them. Sorry I looked rough in the last pix, was stressed and tired after a long day....


Oops!!! so sorry, I totally forgot to rotate these pictures...


  1. Nice outfit. The denim shirt did the magic tho. Compliments of the season.

  2. pretty lady! thanks for your comment on my blog. and keep it up with urs!

  3. Nice one love....daisy.