Wednesday, December 11, 2013


   Who doesn't love the beauty of african prints?..well talking about ankara in particular. Ankara has come to stay, for a while I wasn't into giving out my clothes to tailors, because I always have one complain or the other and end up not wearing it, but recently I just couldn't help but want more and more of this beautiful fabric. The problem though was I had no money to buy or even pay the I was so broke, but I still wanted me some I set out on a
   My mum, being an Igbo woman has all these kinds of ankaras that she uses for different occasions like star,mporoka( I think that's the spelling) , hollandis....and really retro ankaras are the trend right now. You just gotta see what people are doing with ankara. Very creative...from head pieces, necklaces, bags, shoes.... So I asked her for some of her wrappers and some I just.....(Well u know)...most of the pieces I got weren't even up to 2 yards, but I knew I just had to be creative with it or no new clothes for me
  I took the pieces to the tailors and got other fabrics just to make simple dresses that I could wear anywhere. And came up with this.

Note: I took this pictures a while ago, never knew I was gonna start a blog, please manage
  What do you think?


  1. I love this post! #TeamAnkara lol but to be honest ankara is so on point right now.You just can't resist those prints and bold colours. Lovely pictures

  2. Lovely pictures really?...thanks Bunmi, you always make me feel good anyways......Ankara is da bomb!!!

  3. U're so ryt girl, kip it up