Tuesday, December 10, 2013

I grew up.....

    I know this isn't a fashion, fitness or beauty post but all the same I just felt I needed to get this off, well...am not a poet or one kin prolific writer..lol, but things happen to you and you can't just hold back, you just gotta share it and hope your experience helps people one way or the other and since this year is coming to an end..well....enough gibberish already!!!
   I grew up when I became 21...I don't know why it took me so long to realize this things, I don't why I lived in a bubble for so long,(Franka's bubble) I always thought life was a bed of roses, that everything just falls into place, maybe because everything always fell into place for me,I never had to struggle for anything, I've always had high grades in school: no repeats, no re-sits,never even struggled for admission, it just came, had the attention I wanted from guys, had parents who would provide anything(they aren't millionaires o)I got what I wanted just as I requested for, my understanding of friendship was if u offend me once...we done.., I never listened, never cared( I was just a friend), that you meet a guy( tall, handsome, rich),fall in love, get married and live happily together, I felt when u graduate from school, u automatically get a job and earn money just like that!! I really felt being a christian was just about going to church, and morning devotions, I really thought attraction, lust and love were really the same thing, I was really okay with just being in the crowd,never standing out.
    Its not like am not grateful for the life I've had, because am sure there are people that grow up in far much affluent conditions than I am and still do not live in a bubble...I am more than grateful but I never even knew I had to be grateful, its not like I was a spoilt brat, I wasn't, I just lived in my own world,I really never cared about what was happening around me, I never tried to work things out with people, I just let them go...it was either my way or the high way!
   But this year, although was one of my WORST years ever and I mean worst in every way you could think about it( nobody died sha),but sometimes its better to be dead than living a fruitless and unproductive life. It has been a good reality check for me. I went through so much this year, that now when I think about it, I never knew how I would even make it through the end of the year, but one thing it has done for me is....it has finally burst my bubble!I now know there's another world apart from mine. Thankful so much to God and the people he put around me.....my friends,my sister, who helped me to become the better person I am today, they helped me get through it, who taught me how to care, listen and be someone's friend other than my self. Bad experiences might not be the way we wanna learn but sometimes they are really good teachers.

   So to you out there, come out from your shell or the bubble you live in, life is too short for that..,don't' just exist, LIVE. Maximize your potentials, am sure you can do better. Never settle..challenge yourself. No matter what you are going through today and you think there no hope, there is. You just gotta keep pushing and never stop believing in yourself but remember you always have a choice of doing what is right and you are the only one that can make that choice. If u have a destination, u'll surely get there, except u change your direction.


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    Words of wisdom frm HRH
    Nyc 1

  2. Being in a bubble can always be an escape route from facing ur problem,but in doing that we tend to hurt the pple we Love..so as u said LIVE and don't just exist...nice post

  3. Thanks..... Its true we hurt people we love by escaping to our "bubble"....I think its better to face your problems than hide from them..

  4. Nice!*smiles*.....daisy

  5. I truly enjoyed this post. I have been dealing with the death of my mom. It has been a year as of December 30, 2013, however, some days it feels like just one month, one day, one hour ago. To loose someone so precious and dear to you is a lot. I often find myself dealing with depression and anxiety. When I am depressed I often go into my "bubble'-not wanting to be bothered with others. I know this is wrong because my siblings and other relatives are dealing with my mom's death also. But I know in my heart I am not being supportive of them if I isolate myself in my "bubble". I just do not know how to deal with it all... Once my mom passed away I started visiting blogs (before then I never knew blogs like yours and others existed) but these blogs have helped me in so many ways. I just found your blog today but this post hit home to me. I have never posted a comment on anyone's blog but today I am posting a comment on your blog to say thank you for this post. Thank you!