Tuesday, December 17, 2013

My Top Fashionistas

 Hi sweets,how are you guys today? I love my friends so much, even though I don't tell them or show it all the time. I guess I'll say am lucky to have friends that are fashion conscious, but I can't feature every one of them, because if I wanted to, I don't know if I'm ever gonna end, but I just thought I do a lil post about my top three fashionistas, some I haven't even met before, but I just love their fashion sense and thought to share with you guys. I picked this three because they have completely different fashion styles but still look chic.
Taiwo Martins
 I haven't officially met her yet, but we've been facebook friends for a while, Taiwo's style is chic, sophisticated, and very classy. It obvious she puts a lot of thought into her outfits which are always very amazing, she doesn't follow trends but creates her own style and this is what makes her standout.

Toun Ajiboye
  Toun 'Aj' is a fashion blogger, Toun obviously likes to stand-out in whatever she wears, she likes statement pieces, with a body like hers,its very easy to see why whatever she wears fits so well..also the fact that she's a designer is an icing on the cake, she's definitely one fashionista that's fun to watch.

Ezenneka Evan
  Evan's style is edgy, she likes bold colours, accessories, very funky outfits, her edginess shows from her outfits to her hair styles, she's clearly not afraid to be fashion forward and that's why I love her.

I'm sure we could all add a bit of sophistication, edginess and simplicity to our wardrobe. What do you guys think? Who's your favourite?


  1. Lovely post! Taiwo is my fav out of the 3. I think her style is chic and effortless.

  2. Nice blog dear, keep it up. I loveeeeee the first chic, very classy, the second too, not really sure about the last girl

  3. I looove the 1st chic..lovely esp mid-pic. New on ur blog..its cute:-) Happy belated new year..lol.