Tuesday, December 10, 2013

No Make-up? No Problem

  Put down the mascara, ladies. No really. It's officially a trend. Fashion Week runways aren't usually where we pick up low-maintenance beauty tricks, but this season has been ripe with easygoing inspiration. It was very apparent at Spring's 2014 Balmain show during Paris Fashion Week. Top models like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Georgia May Jagger sauntered down the runway wearing little more than a dab of concealer.
     As for the hair? It was just as relaxed, if not a bit disheveled. We had an inkling this was coming, though. At the beginning of the month, some of New York Fashion Week's top shows sent models down the runway sporting the elusive "no makeup" look. Alexander Wang's catwalk was a parade of ladies rocking deliberately unconcealed under-eyes and tousled hair that was the result of little more than a spritz of dry shampoo.

  So are we to take this as our cue to ditch the color cosmetics and blowouts? Perhaps. Considering the $426 billion we spend a year on beauty products, it might just be a good idea to follow the fashion industry's lead on this one. Plus, with glossy magazine covers championing the unfussy, raw look, it's only a matter of time before the trend-loving crowd hops on board.
 Culled from huffington post.
  I think its a cool trend, I'll definitely try it out..probably just start with no eye-shadow, mascara, eye-liner, nude lipstick and the hair...well..(still thinking of how to do that).But what do you think of this trend?


  1. Don't think its really gonna b kul....dats most ladies' secret widely opened....*bbm can't watch sign*......

  2. Lol....well I think we could give it a try, its not like u would be completely make-up free, just very minimal, dunno how the guys would feel abi it though..hehehehehe

  3. Majority of guys wil like it since de lik natural beauty n all dat crap.well,depends on ma mood.cud b crazy @tymz

  4. Girl I'll be waiting 4 u 2 do it first den I might try it too

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    1. I'll definetely try it though, u kno I'm a fine geh na.....lol