Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Plaid Love

 Plaid's everyone's friend..Male or Female, old or young, fat or skinny...plus its timeless
I got these plaid shirt not very long ago, and since there wasn't anywhere to go, I haven't really had an opportunity to wear it. But my sis and her friend were going out, I decided to tag along( I don't have a lot of friends here at home)..well I couldn't take a lot of pictures cos my phone doesn't behave well all the time, but I was lucky I got to take these...

   Plaid is very versatile, u could go simple and casual or sophisticated and chic with it and most times it doesn't cost much. I decided to go simple and casual since we were just gonna hang out and do a lil shopping..(I even got myself an orange maxi skirt)I paired my plaid shirt with a white tank top and jeans and sandals and when I got home I removed the tank top and the jeans just so I could try on my new skirt( you know how we get excited when we buy something new). So pull out your plaid and go crazy with it..

 Note:Please bear with my picture quality and quantity for now..lol


  1. I love lily......jd

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  3. Don't really think there's any combo of outfit u won't rock the hell out of ;)
    ...plaid (rocked with jeans or long red skirt) inclusive lol

  4. Thanks loves...appreciate the comments

  5. Plaid shirts, something I always love.....used to be stuck with only solid colours though, especially white, but lately, I found love in plaids and checkers....nice one!