Monday, January 27, 2014

Formal Chic

Hi, hope y'll doing okay? I'm not too bad myself, just thought I should share my outfit today with you guys, so I wore this outfit to school today, its a really cute biro blue satin shirt paired with a pencil skirt, flats and my 'go to everywhere bag' (you can never go wrong with a black bag).

   Most Mondays, I always like to dress formal. And this was wasn't any different. This outfit is perfect for Work, you could just switch the flats for heels: court shoes, pumps, or strap shoes can just add that extra detail you need to make this a work outfit or you could simple just wear it with flats. As usual, I'm with minimal jewellery, although this outfit doesn't need one. Sometimes in fashion, Less is More....I guess


  1. I love your shirt! I've got a similar shirt in d same color.
    Great look.

    1. Thanks dear, Its a cool shirt and the sleeve adds drama to

  2. love the top color :D


  3. That top is gorgeous - love the sleeves Franka

  4. The volume on the sleeves is what i so love. nice