Thursday, January 30, 2014

Valentine's Day Outfit Inspiration.

  Hi everyone, how are you guys today? Looking forward to Vals right? I really dunno why I'm excited about Vals, cos most times I'm always indifferent about it, but this year's seems different, oh well....I guess there's nothing wrong in having a day dedicated to sharing gifts and all with your friends, giving to the less privileged or just having fun with your loved ones

  Its about two weeks to valentine's day and there's no harm preparing for it, by looking for a special dress to wear that day. You don't have to spend a fortune. Or you could simply spice up a dress you already have by wearing accessories that match valentine's day colours. Below are some dresses you could wear for a dinner, party, lunch or just simply hanging out with your pals, because I know there's gonna be a lot parties and places to go on Val's day.

So look good and have fun to the max.....


  1. Lovely outfits! Errrrrr I don't know which to settle for (not like I'll be going on a date tho). Is it safe to conclude that I'm getting gift(s) from you? Lol

  2. Thanks dear, Bunmi you like gifts too, sha come we'll drink Garri together

  3. Lovely selection. I love the white and red loo

  4. really nice style!!