Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Celebs without Make-up

Hi everyone, how y'all doing...let's talk makeup today..I know a lot of us ladies can't seem to do without make-up. Go out without make-up..hmmm.....don't think so!!! but why though? Some even wear makeup to bed and we know that's not right, its good to go fresh faced sometimes and allow your pores to breathe and this doesn't apply to night time only....let's see how some celebs look without make-up.



  1. Great post! I love seeing celebrities without makeup.

    1. Thanks Ray, that's cool, its hard to imagine to they have acne and all, they look good though....

  2. good point, i dont know why i cant go out with make up hahaha but these celebrities still look gorgeous without it!


  3. here are my 2cents of silly comments: lol! heidi klum looks years older, so as katie holmes. rita ora looks so cute, like a lil girl. kim k looks pale like a ghost, gaga looks scary! rose byrnes looks so sleepy, rita dominic looks like she has a bit of make up on though.
    don't mind me! I love em all. :-) nice post Franka