Monday, February 24, 2014

Final Year Week

  Hey guys, how y'all doing? I know its been a while, been so busy with school work and all...just had to post this during my study

  Final year week began today, and we all had to dress like high school students (back to school), it was so much fun seeing people in really cute and funny school uniforms, I dint have a school uniform, so I improvised ...would upload pictures of the event later..well yesterday was the send-forth for catholic finalists and I wore this outfit to the event..

  Purple tie-neck blouse and my fav skirt at the moment (my yellow pencil skirt), heels ...ditched the heels later though, very minimal make-up because of the bright colours of my outfit..wearing this to church, work, school is totally cool.

pls bear with my amateur pictures for now....*wink*

your thoughts, comments, opinions mean a lot and are appreciated