Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Trad Day

  Hi guys, hope your week's going good? Final year week continued today with Traditional day, where everyone had to wear their traditional outfit, I actually didn't have a real outfit for this, but I guess I improvised just right.....lol

  Even though this week is all about tests in my department, I couldn't miss out on the fun...it happens once in a lifetime nau...my naughty friends and I had a blast taking this pictures.

What I wore


  1. It was indeed a day of many colours. Nice photo gallery. U shld ve included pics of oda 500l students. My picture pic is definitely the one b4 the last.

  2. Thanks dear, would definitely include more pictures of other people in my next posts

  3. Is ur blog all abt u? Its only ur pics I see on 3 posts now.......tot it was a class thingy... Wher are oda ppl? #FlipsWeave

  4. Wow u both look very pretty together. So beautiful. X x ;)