Monday, February 10, 2014

Introducing......FAB CENTRAL

 Hey everyone, new week looking good?..I just wanted to share an update of latest developments here on my blog..a lot of my friends and people who read my blog have suggested that my blog be more interactive and entertain a lot more than just outfit posts and health posts, so I've been thinking of a way to centralise this requests, and came up with this idea..

  FAB(Franka Akano's Blog) CENTRAL..would be a daily post..where we discuss health related issues, social issues, special outfits posts from you my lovely readers, Questions, no matter how weird related to fashion, health, beauty,..and (this isn't for females only) amongst other things...counting on you to make this blog interesting and fun to read always, it would be nice to learn from one another.

You can send your outfit posts, Questions (ask me anything)and any other stuff to my email  

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