Monday, February 10, 2014

Padded Undies: Must have or Make it Stop?

   Hi everyone, how was the weekend? Hope this new week brings better results than the last...AMEN!!! Feeling so lazy to even go for classes, but not too lazy to

   Well, padded undies (bras,pants,tights,hip pads) is something we ladies are used to, padded bras have been around for a while now and have surely come to stay, the padded pants and hips took me by surprise though, and the one that left me speechless was the six-packs pad for!!!

 As ladies, I would say once in a while, a little lift and push here and there, isn't bad, we always wanna look good in whatever we wear, but how far do we wanna go with this??? Would u rather accept your flaws and work with it however you can, or go for a little something to help you look your best and increase your confidence,..and for the men, six-packs pad..must have or make it stop???

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