Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Blazer- 3 Ways

  Hey y'all doing? Missed you guys so much...where do I even start so sorry for my absence...just being so lazy, phone issues and the transition from undergrad to graduate has being quite a change, so once again really sorry guys.

   Going back home to stay with your parents after school isn't fun like seriously...I pretty much stay at home all day, with very little activity and since I don't have any friends here, I haven't been going out hence no outfits to guys get he gist now right?? with the talk

  Let's talk about this outfit....well I dint have anywhere to go, so I literally dressed up so I could have something to post o..its been a's my favourite blazer worn in three different ways.

First look
  Its a turquoise blazer paired with palazzo pants, a white tank and court shoes. you could totally rock this look to work,formal outings, a date...

Second look
  Same blazer paired with a sequins blouse, floral pencil skirt and blue wedge shoes. This look is suitable for church, business meetings, work...

Third look
Coming up..stay connected guys and I'll keep you posted

What's your favourite look?