Thursday, May 15, 2014

Trendy Stuffs

  Hey guys, hope y'all doing great..had a pretty boring day as usual..but getting used to it now, with the inconsistent electricity, my boredom level just became much
What can a girl do? Blogggggg......yeehhh!!!!

  Here's some recent trend that's caught my eye and am totally feeling it.

Mini Rings

  Mini rings are hot right now and am so crazy about them, even though I haven't purchased any yet, but they are so on my 'to buy list'..its definitely a must have.

Plated Belts, Bags and shoes

 Another really cool trend I've been seeing for a while now is the plated trend...ranging from plated belts, shoes and bags plated items are more common especially with the belts...the plated belts are so cute and versatile and can be paired with almost everything.

Palzzo pants

 Not sure I'll ever get tired of this trend, I just love palazzo pants, they are very stylish and sophisticated when worn the right way, for me, they are such good cover-ups...especially when my booty gets all the attention every time. They can be paired with blouses, crop tops, blazers....

What's your favourite?

What trend are you loving at the moment?



  1. The rings kinda look scary to me lol....av bin seeing them around tho buh I love love love the Palazzo pants*smiles*

    1. Lol...if it isn't too much, it shouldn't look scary, yeeh!!!!!!..we both love palazzo pants

  2. I love the plated belts and yea I love how that girl wore the palazzo pants. It's cool

  3. The pants looks cute

  4. I tink I agree wit u on d rings,will alwys prefer a chunk/bold ring on d finger.I love d palazo pants n plated belt.Nice work,1st timer on ur blog.

    1. Thanks Dear...hope we'll be seeing more of you?