Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Beauty Secrets!!!

 My definition of a beauty regime is really simple,'cos I'm really against using so many different products on the skin,you should allow your skin to breathe most times and this could be done by focusing more on natural sources or just restricting yourself to just few products.....
  So basically, Franka's beauty regime involves

 • Washing the face regularly: I never go to bed with make-up on,I'm more into the natural cleanse thing,so I just use water and soap. Its good to allow your pores to be open at night, make-up clogs the pores and leaving it on while sleeping has a lot of side effects like blackheads, pimples, acne..etc

• Exercise: Exercise does so many wonders for the body, asides from the health benefits of exercise,there are also positive cosmetic effects that exercise provides..exercise helps the skin, since it increases blood flow,it helps nourish the skin, thereby keeping it vital,it also helps flush the cellular debris out of the system. Exercise no matter how little..walking, jogging, running or even just climbing the stairs..it helps,try it!

• Fruits and Veggies: fruits and vegetables of all kinds are very important in achieving that
youthful and radiant look everyone wants. switch that excess junk food we are all guilty of for fresh fruits and veggies..and see the difference it would make

• Drink Water (lots of it): Generally, we all know that water has a lot of positive effects on our physiology. It helps to replenish skin tissues, moisturizes skin and increase skin elasticity. I try to take a glass or two of water every morning and I know how much that helps..You could try it too.

• Avoid Stress: I know stress is inevitable but try to avoid it as much as u can..Stay away from all sorts of drama and don't create any for Yourself..lol, be Positive always, Happy, Spiritual..inner peace always radiates from within..
 I hope my tips have been helpful??


  1. Great tips!
    Never knew exercise helped the skin.

  2. Nyc tips & a nyc blog 2,weldone gurl.am also havin acne issues,d pain is....u ve 2 kip using lots of products dat aggravates ur acne.wen u said just soap and water,did u jus wash wit soap and water witout applyin any sort of nyt cream or moisturiser aftawards???or can u giv a post on how 2 naturally care 4 d face witout all dis harsh products..tnx dear

  3. Aii dear..would do that soon, but I recommend that if you wanna use a product, research about it well and if its good stick to it...don't make your face a mixing bowl for chemicals....lol