Thursday, January 2, 2014

High-Low Gown

  Hey everyone, Happy New Year to y'all, Hope this year brings out the best in you and i also pray that you achieve everything you set out to do. Can I hear a big AMEN!!! Pretty sure most of us have made new year resolutions, its cool though, but this year I didn't make any, I really just wanna LIVE each day as it comes and enjoy the moments in life. I started blogging cos I was bored outta my mind, but with time I've come to realize that blogging is fun and a good way to express my thoughts on things I like such as fashion, fitness, healthy lifestyle and all...Here's to being a better blogger and enlightening you guys in the very best way I can.
  I've been caught up with events and outings, that I haven't really had much time to blog, but I knew I had to post pictures of this outfit that I'm so in love with. Well since I'm crazy about the high-low trend, I decided to design a piece for myself, cos I already had a picture of the type of gown i wanted in my head. I hope to have a clothing line someday, so I guess u start small right?

 I wore this gown for my sister's birthday which was on the 31st of dec, I had so much serious fun..u guys,its a high-low shirt gown, made with chiffon, it has a collar, buttons in front, lace embellishment, elastic band around the waist and crazy about the colour, since pastel colours are hot right now, I decided to design a very cool and trendy gown so we've got the lace, high-low hem, and off-course the colour.

 To finish the look I decided to go simple with the accessories: the sandal,bag and very minimal jewellery.

What are your thoughts on this look?


  1. Hey franka. You don't have gfc or bloglovin. How do we get to follow you? :(

    1. Oh...would see to that, you know am new to these stuff....thanks dear

  2. Gorgeous gown!
    The color, the fabric, perfection!

    I also started blogging to cure boredom n today, its one of the best things that has ever happened to me!

    Happy New Year doll!

  3. Thanks a lot portia.....guess boredom has its Happy new year dear

  4. My lily!!!!!!!! happy new year......Jayd

  5. Nice look dear, hapi new year............ Rita

  6. maybe we can follow each other? let me know! <3

  7. you look lovely.
    happy new year.

  8. Thanks dear. Happy new year to you too...

  9. You look stunning! Happy New Year girl ;)

    xoxo Gozika