Friday, January 10, 2014

2014 Peoples Choice Awards. Fashion Police

  Hey everyone, I know its been a while and am really sorry about that, School's resumed, so I've been so busy cleaning and trying to adjust back to "school stress"...thank God I've got just few months left to graduate...can't wait.... #dancing skelewu#
  Well..I decided to bring you guys my own version of Fashion Police for the Peoples Choice Awards 2014 that took place at the Nokia theatre.. Peoples choice awards are usually more relaxed and not too formal compared to the Grammys and Oscars so there were a lot of cocktail dresses, bright colours, floral patters are some looks

Best dressed
 These are some looks that I think were really cool: the outfits, hairstyles, accessories...

 Well...their looks aren't that bad, but something's off....

Worst dressed
 Seriously?? No stylist or ??????

What are your thoughts on this???


  1. Seriously wt is queen latifah wearing,so dissapointed,even er hair n Makeup looks wack

  2. I was also, when I saw this pix. Probably stylist issues or maybe the look didn't just photograph well......or just.....u