Sunday, February 9, 2014

How to look good on a Budget.

  Hey guys, how y'all doing today? Great I hope? Well, I was talking to a friend in class and hair talk just kinda popped in, she's had these dreadlocks on for about 3 months now and her main reason was because she was broke, so she had to do something that would last longer and that got me inspired to do a post on looking good on a budget, since I'm still a student, being on a budget is something I'm used to, you don't want to look all drab and clumsy, because you are on a budget, not everyone needs to know how light your pocket is, just from your style of dressing.
  So let's get started. For me, this are few tips I follow that keeps my wardrobe looking dapper all at a moderate cost, I hope it helps you one way or the other

1. Go for healthy, long lasting hairdos like braids, dreadlocks, human hair, although sometimes, the cost of this might seem too much, they are always worth it, when taken care of properly, or simply just stick with your natural hair and style it in various ways.

2. Accessories like jewellery, belts, hair pieces, shades, belts, wrist watches, scarves etc, always revamp a simple outfit. Stock on accessories, so that even when your clothes seem to have lost their touch, you could always spice up your look with accessories.

3. Go for clothes that are very versatile..clothes that can be used for a variety of purposes, occasions without looking like you've worn it a lot of times...invest in little white and black dresses (LWD) and (LBD), blazers, jackets, you could always combine these in a way that looks like you are wearing a new outfit!

4. Go Nude or Black!!!...if you are on a very tight budget, when shopping for bags or shoes I'll advise you go for nude or black coloured ones, because no matter the colour, pattern, texture of your outfit, they always go well with outfits and look good.

5. Don't be addicted to brands...especially high designer brands like Gucci, Louis Vuiton, Prada and as much as I like to splurge on designer items once in a while, with time I've come to realize that there's a lot of counterfeit designer items around. it sucks when u save a lot to get such items and the next min, the fake ones that even look prettier than the real ones seem to dominate....I'm not saying you shouldn't go for designer items, just take your time and be careful when getting them, if you are on a budget and still wanna look good, you could go for affordable brands.

6. Don't always follow for trends..okay..I know we all want to be trendy, in vogue and revolve with fashion, but if you are on a budget or just wanna maintain your budget, choose the trends you follow wisely, besides not all trends suits everyone, choose what works for you, or better still create yours. Trends will always come and go, for classic and timeless pieces instead.

  Finally, Maintenance is key when it comes to looking good on a budget, treat your wardrobe well and you'll always look great.

Your thoughts, comments, opinions are higly welcome and appreciated.


  1. The importance of LBD,LWD, blazers, nude shoes and bags cannot be overemphazised. Looking good as a student is quite tasking but could be fun atimes cos it brings out the creative side of me.

  2. Seriously tasking.....but we try our best though...

  3. Great post!
    The designer tip is the most important. Imagine buying Loubs for almst 200k and girls are flaunting the fakes for 20k. Smh

    1. Thanks Portia, It can be so annoying ehn...

  4. Lovely Post dear. These are great tips